About Utah Driving School

Utah Driving School offers a quick, affordable, State-approved, nine-day classroom course to anyone 15 years of age and older. A Learner Permit is not necessary to start the classroom course; however, a valid Utah Learner Permit is required to perform the behind-the-wheel portion of the “road & range” hours.

NOTICE: We currently offer a home study packet as your student’s classroom course in place of our 9-day, in person classroom course. Feel free to inquire.  Utah Driving School also offers the required driving/observing hours (Road & Range).  Please contact us in order to sign up for Road & Range, or if you have any additional questions. (801) 709-7611.

For the classroom portion of your Driver’s Education Program, we also recommend the following two choices:

  1.  If you are an Alpine School District student, please contact your local high school for their online class which is offered every month.  The cost is $45.00.
  2. Students may also enroll in Utah Online School’s online classroom Driver’s Education course via the following link:  https://utahonline.org/enroll/hs/driversed/

For completion of the required “road & range” hours (six hours driving and six hours observing) your student will register for these sessions with our Driving Instructor.

Again, a Utah Learner Permit is required for performing driving hours behind-the-wheel. We offer various times and days of the week in order to accommodate our students.

We educate and prepare our students thoroughly.

We are centrally located and easily accessible to residents within Utah County.

For a better understanding of Utah’s GDL laws, please watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omceyj-AA_M

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